For more than 36 years, teaching Spanish to students from more than 30 countries has been a key activity in Nebrija. Our highly experienced and qualified faculty has developed a distinctive, innovative, state-of-the-art methodology grounded on experiential learning which we applied in all our courses, both face-to-face and online.

Spanish Global Nebrija focuses on 100% online teaching based on a cutting-edge technology applied to a wide range of courses in different fields. Our online courses have been drawn up to be accessible, practical and useful. Hence, our technology and our one-off methodology guarantee that the student’s experience will be a unique one.

Our Program

Our online courses are fully aligned with our learn-thorugh-experience, differential and innovative methodology.

Program’s Features

  • 100% independent system on an intuitive platform for you to establish your own pace of study.
  • Unique content structured in different modules with control activities so you can verify your own progress.
  • Outstanding offer of 27 courses: language, culture and courses in different professional areas.
  • Our courses are developed on an educational platform that encourages ongoing participation and concept acquisition.
  • Courses with clean graphics, downloadable infographics with summaries, audio, exercises, and interactive assignments
  • Nebrija Certificate once the course has been successfully completed, no matter what type of course you have taken.