Spanish Global Nebrija

Our goal is to spread the use of Spanish internationally. To achieve this, we make available to students and professionals from anywhere in the world an extensive catalog of online courses that covers various areas of knowledge: Spanish language, Culture and Spanish for Professionals.

Our courses are taught on a self-study platform with cutting-edge technology. It is an interactive and intuitive platform, designed to provide the student with an easy and fun learning experience as well as being useful and satisfying.

100% online program: self-study + option of live classes with professor

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Excellence and prestige: More than 36 years teaching Spanish to students from all over the world

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About us

For more than 36 years, teaching Spanish to students from more than 30 countries has been a key activity in Nebrija. Our highly experienced and qualified faculty has developed a distinctive, innovative, state-of-the-art methodology grounded on experiential learning which we applied in all our courses, both face-to-face and online.

Spanish Global Nebrija focuses on 100% online teaching based on a cutting-edge technology applied to a wide range of courses in different fields. Our online courses have been drawn up to be accessible, hands-on content and useful. Hence, our technology and our one-off methodology guarantee that the student’s experience will be a unique one.

Our methodology

In our online courses we have applied our learn-through-experience differential and innovative methodology by using advanced technologies that bring you to real situations. Thus, our online courses are fully aligned with this experiential learning methodology.

Always adapted to this immersive methodology, our courses share the following characteristics:

Self-learning system on a platform that allows you to establish your own pace of study.

Option to add 30 or 60 minute online live classes with a professor.

Unique content created by the teaching staff of the Center for Hispanic Studies, structured in different modules with control activities so you can verify your own progress.

Our courses are hosted on an educational platform that encourages ongoing participation and concept acquisition through clean graphics, downloadable infographics with summaries, audio, exercises, and interactive assignments.

40, 30 & 10 hour courses:

30-hour Spanish language courses at 8 levels of knowledge.

40-hour introductory course to Spanish culture.

Courses in different professional areas:

40-hour courses in Spanish for Business, Commerce, Tourism and Health Sciences.

10-hour flash courses to specialize in different aspects of Spanish for Business, Commerce, Tourism, Health Sciences and Security Forces.

Nebrija certificate once the course has been successfully completed